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About Studio Anvani

About the Founder

Welcome to Studio Anvani’s shop!

Studio Anvani is an Art & Wellness Centre based in Pune. Founded by Arundhati Bhand, A Pranic Healer and an Intuitive abstract artist, the studio believes in spreading healing through energy and art!

In Arundhati’s words,

“Studio Anvani is a safe space to feel, to emote, and to explore the world outside, and the universe within. It is a place to heal and to grow.”

To know more about Pranic Healing and Intuitive Abstract Art,



My name is Arundhati.

I am a Pranic Healer, an Intuitive Abstract Artist, and a traveller, and yes, it is as exciting as it sounds (most of the time)!​

As a self-taught artist, my creative journey has been packed with ups and downs. But what it has taught me is that art has the power to help us express, introspect, explore, heal, transform and grow. Somewhere deep within us there is this strength that can be let free through colours, patterns, movement, meditation, and simply having fun!

At this Studio Anvani shop, I hope to bring these two worlds of art and healing together for you as they have seamlessly merged into one for me.​

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