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About Kioku Creations

Vintage Postcards

Kioku 記憶 (きおく) a noun meaning 'memory' in Japanese.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but memory is priceless.


We at Kioku Creations are working on bringing to you a range of products that will help you cherish your memories as well as pin them down creatively. During this pandemic, we all have found some or other mechanism to cope up. No matter what we all realized that to be able to express yourself and understand your own emotions holds even greater importance. 

Art was our way of coping up and being in sync with ourselves! Finding a variety of art supplies with good quality was a huge task! So to make your creative journey easier we bring to you KIOKU CREATIONS.

Kioku Creations brings to you affordable journaling supplies being your co-traveler in pinning down memories as well as making new ones! We will be bringing to you supplies that are proudly designed and manufactured in India.

We look forward to your support!

Thanks and Warm hugs,
Team Kioku Creations.

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